Saturday, December 27, 2014

"A Sustainable Life: Quaker Faith and Practice in the Renewal of Creation" by Douglas Gwyn

I just got my copy of Doug Gwyn's new book, and would love to find a few folks with whom to discuss it.  I've read most, possibly all, of Doug's previous books and always found them stimulating, challenging, very worth the time.  His first book, Apocalypse of the Word: The Life and Message of George Fox (1624–1691), in fact, was quite a formative experience for me, in my early years of being enamored of George Fox and the Bible.

Here's an overview of the new book, available from FGC,

"A well-known Quaker historian explores the qualities of Quaker faith and practice that contribute to living sustainably in the world today. He explores such paradoxes as equality and community, unity and differentiation, integrity and personal discernment, and other aspects of life that Quakers have worked to bring into balance through their 350-year history. How have Quakers learned to create the kind of individual and community life that can prepare us to live fully and responsibly into a time of social and planetary change?"

Any takers?  Or anyone know of an ongoing online discussion?


Susan J.


  1. Hello Susan....Mid-Ohio Valley Friends have just rec'd. our copies of "A Sustainable Life" and will be discussing it once a month on Monday evenings beginning Feb. 9th. I have read about 2/3 of it and am starting over as a refresher. I am enjoying it very much and feel that Friends of a Biblical background, or not, can greatly benefit, as can our meeting. Thanks for you post. Jane Hearne

  2. thanks, Jane - I'm discussing the book with a couple of other Friends via email - would love to share some here as well --


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