Thursday, January 1, 2015

Friends in High Places

A Long Post on Our Lobbying Trip

Susan made a comment, wondering about the process of the FCNL Lobby Day Karen and I wrote about. Here is a description.

It Does Take Some Nerve

It is a bit audacious to decide that you should travel to Washington and speak with Senators and Representatives about the nation's domestic or foreign policy. After all, while I am a little better educated than most, I'm just a citizen from a small state of no special significance.

But when you participate as one of hundreds of like-minded citizens, you do become significant. The Friends Committee on National Legislation recognizes this as an important strategy to get the attention of Congress, what you might call a force multiplier. Since we travel in groups for our visits, and we are representing our Friends Meetings, the idea of looking a Member of Congress in the eye and advocating a position for them to consider is not actually all that intimidating in person.